PST Capture

Microsoft Exchange PST Capture allows you to search for PST files on computers in your organisation and then import those files to mailboxes in your organization. PST Capture works with both on-premises Exchange servers and Exchange Online.

PST Capture Central Service

The Central Service maintains the list of all PST files found in your organisation and manages the data as it is moved to the Exchange server. The Central service will require a Service Account that must be mailbox enabled and have the Public Folder Management role assigned. If you wish to import to the Archive mailbox of a user, the service account will require the Organization Management role.

PST Capture Console

The PST Capture Console is the interface that you use to configure PST searches, specify the target mailboxes for PST files, and track the status of PST import operations and reports. You can also use the console to import PST files stored on network attached storage (NAS) devices, on which you can’t install PST agents. The 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 is required on the computer on which you install the PST Capture Console. Most organisations will use a dedicated computer for this role.

PST Capture Console
PST Capture Console

PST Capture Agents

Discovery of the PST files is performed by PST Capture agents that are installed on computers in your organisation. The agents also send the PST files they find to the computer running the PST Capture Console