Formatting dates

Formatting Currency

Sorting & Filtering

Sorting Items

Offline Support

PowerApps Vault

Naming Convention

PowerApps Variables

Module 01: Getting Started with PowerApps Studio

Student Files

Microsoft Business Application Platform

What is PowerApps

Office 365 Trial Accounts

Office 365 Admin Center

PowerApps Licensing

PowerApps Admin Center

PowerApps Studio for the Web

PowerApps Screens

PowerApps Controls

PowerApps Connectors

PowerApps Forms and Galleries

PowerApps Data cards

Module 02: Designing PowerApps using Advanced Techniques

PowerApps Properites

PowerApps Variables

PowerApps Tables and Records

PowerApps OnStart and OnVisible

PowerApps Functions

PowerApps Delegation

Module 03: Building PowerApps for SharePoint Online

PowerApps and SharePoint

Creating a SharePoint List

Create a PowerApp from SharePoint List

Supported / Unsupported Columns

Customize SharePoint Forms

Module 04: Introduction to Microsoft Flow

What is Microsoft Flow?

Flow Plans

Microsoft Flow Components

Creating a Flow

Working with the Flow Portal

Microsoft Flow Templates

Microsoft Flow Connectors

Microsoft Flow Expressions

Manage Flows

Button Flows

Create Flow for SharePoint

Module 05: Designing Flows to Automate an Approval Process

Module 06: Building PowerApps and Flows for Power BI

What is Power BI

The Power BI Service

Power BI Concepts

Power BI Dashboards

Power BI Tiles

Create a Dashboard from a Report

Power BI Reports

Power BI Visualizations

Power BI Desktop

Embed Power BI tiles in PowerApps

PowerApps Visual for Power BI

Power BI Realtime streaming

Module 07: Working with the Common Data Service for Apps

What is Common Data Service for Apps?

The Common Data Model

Environments Overview

Create an Environment

Create a Common Data Service for Apps database

Environment Security


Solution Explorer

Model Driven Apps

Module 08: Managing Application Lifecycle with PowerApps and Flow

Administering a PowerApps Enterprise Deployment