Managed Availability

With the advent of Exchange 2013, we see a move away from the traditional monitoring techniques that were used with previous versions.  This change in emphasis has been driven by Microsoft’s experiences with Office 365, where user experience is far more important than individual performance metrics.

Managed availability runs on all Exchange 2013 servers, where you see it represented as the Health Management Service process (MSExchangeHMHost.exe) and the Health Manager Worker process (MSExchangeHMWorker.exe)

In order to improve the user experience, Managed Availability uses three components which work together:  Probes, Monitors and Responders.


Probes are probably the simplest component within Managed Availability.  Probes take measurements at regular intervals.  Health Mailboxes are used in databases to measure the database health.

  • Can generate artificial transactions
  • Can depend on Performance Monitor Counters
  • Can measure the health of a protocol (e.g. OWA or ActiveSync)
  • Can measure end-to-end user experience
  • Run at varying intervals (20 seconds to 20 minutes)

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